2500 Grand Avenue, Suite J, Billings, Montana 59102

(406) 969-3001

(406) 969-3001


About Us

Your Aquarium Needs


We stock everything you need to keep your aquarium happy.  From RO/DI water to installation of full size commercial aquariums, we handle it all.  

A Commitment to Health


We strive to maintain the healthiest livestock possible in both our retail store and our clients aquariums.  Whether you are completely new to the hobby, or and advanced aquarists, come talk to us about saltwater anytime.  

100% Customer Satisfaction


Keeping your fish alive and happy is our goal.  Stop by when we are open for advice, or if needed our phone is open after hours for emergency situations.  

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An Octopus Garden

2500 Grand Avenue, Suite J, Billings, Montana 59102

(406) 969 - 3001


Open Friday Saturday and Sunday, or by appointment.

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